The hourly billing basis used varies between € 110 + VAT and € 220 + VAT depending on the severity of the case. It is possible to get legal aid. Similarly, the costs can be covered by either corporate or individual legal expenses insurance.

Feel free to contact us. It does not cost anything. We will find out free of charge how you cover the costs of the service.

Legal aid and free trial

Legal aid is provided by public legal advisers and lawyers. Only a court can obtain legal aid for the use of a lawyer. By law, in non-judicial matters, legal aid is provided by public legal advisers. Similarly, in tax matters, legal aid is in principle provided by public legal assistants.

The fee base for legal aid is 110 euros / hour + VAT and the customer is left with a deductible for this share. Without a deductible, the recipient of legal aid does not have to pay anything for the services and is also exempt from the legal aid fee.

Free legal aid is applied electronically through the Romeo system. Often, a lawyer will seek legal assistance at the first client meeting. The working capital limit for a person living alone is 600 euros for a completely free trial. The limit for couples is 550 euros. Deduction includes housing costs, child support costs and foreclosures. If there are changes in the income or expenditure data, the change in working capital will be made from the beginning of the month in which the changes took place.

From this link you can check if you are eligible for legal aid.

Legal Issues

Legal expenses insurance is typically included in home insurance. It normally covers legal costs up to € 8,500 + VAT. Depending on the insurance company, the deductible varies between 15-20%. In addition to legal protection, it is possible to receive legal aid for the same matter in the same case, if legal aid would be obtained in the so-called completely free of charge. On the other hand, if legal aid were left with a deductible, it would not be possible to obtain legal aid for the deductible of legal expenses insurance from state funds.

You can get legal security benefits in both civil and criminal cases. In criminal cases, the status of the defendant is excluded. The accused cannot, in principle, receive legal aid. Also, matters concerning custody of a child, access rights and maintenance may not be eligible for legal protection. The practice varies slightly from insurance company to insurance company and several insurance companies have begun to limit these disputes from insurance coverage. The reason is probably that in these cases the other party is less likely to be ordered to pay the other’s costs. Exceptionally, in the case of endangering traffic safety, a legal security benefit has sometimes been obtained from the car full insurance.

The dispute must be in dispute in order to be covered by legal expenses insurance. The dispute must be verifiable in some way. In general, a statement from a lawyer and an answer from another lawyer will suffice if the answer disputes any of the issues raised in the statement. Disputes are typically various matters related to contracts as well as housing disputes.

It is possible for the plaintiff to obtain a legal security benefit in criminal cases. For this, it is usually sufficient to file a summons and state that there are claims for compensation in the case. There are usually no restrictions on obtaining a legal security benefit, so that some types of crime are excluded from insurance. The position of the victim of a crime is quite well secured in legal expenses insurance.

Other matters

In matters outside legal aid, the usual hourly billing is 180 euros + VAT. The office uses time-based invoicing and transaction postings are made to the nearest ten minutes. The lowest billable transaction is one hour.

We seek out free of charge whether the costs can be covered with general legal aid or legal expenses insurance. In criminal cases, the plaintiff’s legal costs can also be paid by the State Treasury, even if the client is not entitled to legal aid.

In some cases, a victim of a crime may have an assistant in court (typically robbery or a victim of a sexual crime) and the costs are either paid by the state or the costs of the trial can be obtained by the state treasury.


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